Pride space flags

More Pride flags, all transformed versions of existing X Pride flags, for various values of X having to do with gender or sexuality. Transformed by Laurie Raye by superimposing images of the starry sky on them. So the now-standard six-stripe Pride flag becomes:


(Hat tip to Kim Darnell.)

Raye does web support at Cardiff University in Wales and is studying Sanskrit at the university. From their FB site:

I have a whole set of pride space flags now. They are free to use, so please steal them!

Some of the photos have been taken by the wonderful Mount Lemmon Skycentre:

All of the images used can be found here:

Two more from their huge assortment of flags.

First, a space version of an inclusive Pride flag, with three trans stripes (soft pink, soft blue, and white) and brown and black stripes.  In the Daniel Quasar inclusive flag in #3 in my June 10th posting “Rainbow moments”, the stripes were in chevrons; in Raye’s version, they’re in bends:


Then, the Pansexual Pride Flag. From Wikipedia:


The pansexual pride flag has been found on various Internet sites since mid-2010. It has three horizontal bars that are pink, yellow and blue. The pink band symbolizes women; the blue, men; and the yellow, those of a non-binary gender, such as agender, bigender or genderfluid.

Raye’s space version:


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  1. Mermaid Says:

    By the way the rainbow flag with diagonal stripes that represent the importance of trans people of colour in lgbt politics is I think by Julia Feliz.

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