Eskimo N in Britain

Yesterday’s Matt cartoon by Matt Pritchett, alluding to the travails of Brexit:

(#1) Eskimo words for snow, leading to the the ur-snowclone Eskimo N

(Hat tip to Chris Ambidge.)

Crucial discussion by Geoff Pullum in LLog (citing Geoff’s The Great Eskimo Vocabulary Hoax), on 10/21/03, “Bleached conditionals”. And then entered into the snowclone database on 5/31/07, under the template:

[Eskimo N] If Eskimos have N words for snow, X have Y words for Z

On Pritchett, from Wikipedia:

Matthew Pritchett MBE (born 14 July 1964) has been the pocket cartoonist on The Daily Telegraph newspaper under the pen name Matt since 1988.

Pritchett studied graphics at Saint Martin’s School of Art. Unable to gain employment as a film cameraman, he worked as a waiter in a pizza restaurant, drawing cartoons in his spare time. ‘Matt’ had his first drawings published in the New Statesmanand his work has also appeared in Punchand The Spectator.

[Pritchett is] son of Telegraph columnist Oliver Pritchett and the grandson of V. S. Pritchett

Pitchett is very much a political cartoonist, but usually with a light touch. Though he did go dark after the 1/17/1 5 Charlie Hebdo massacre in Paris:


Two postings here on cartoonists and the massacre:

on 1/13/15, “Zippy in two moods”: Zippy response to massacre; link to a collection of other cartoonists’ responses

on 3/8/15, “Cartoonists”: two other cartoonist responses

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