Team names

Having looked at the names of minor-league baseball teams, I was moved to play with possible (but unlikely) names. A sampling, of a variety of formal types:

Boston Baked Beans, Philadelphia Cream Cheese, San Francisco Fire, Portland Cement, Tempe Fugits, San Diego Riveras, San Antonio Banderas, Santa Barbara Bush, Albuquerque Quirks, Dubuque Bucolics, Ketchican Canneries, Omaha Steaks, Lincoln Monuments, Baton Rouge Compacts

Feel free to play with the idea on your own.

3 Responses to “Team names”

  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    From Wilson Gray on Facebook:

    The Wilkes-Barre Gibb. The Saint Louis C.K. The Marshall (Texas) Faulk.

    And from Will Steed:

    The Hong Kong Kings; the Berlin (CT) Olympics; The Lima (OH) Beans.

  2. codeman38 Says:

    Not baseball, but too good not to share: a while back, there was a minor league hockey team in Macon, Georgia named the Macon Whoopee. Alas, they’re no longer around.

  3. Doug Harris Says:

    I could argue for the Java (VA) Beans, but Java (where I live) is too small to field more than a bunch of migrant tobacco workers. Maybe I should suggest the Java Spitters? (“Ever chew coffee beans, or tobacco?)
    All in all, though, I think the whole team name thing is silly. The Brits (and others) do it so much better: Chelsea, Cheltenham, Birmingham, etc. — with Manchester United and Manchester City being notable exceptions of the single name for a city’s team.

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