Skeleton rainbow

That’s the subsective Source compound skeleton rainbow ‘rainbow (made) of skeletions’, appropriate for this art work, and for the Halloween season:

It started with my posting yesterday “March of the rainbow mixers”, reporting on a display of KitchenAid stand mixers (in the rainbow colors of the Pride flag, in the canonical order from red to purple/violet) at an HRC event, from Amanda Walker’s FB page.

A friend of Amanda’s commented on Amanda’s FB posting:

I saw a rainbow of skeletons in some one’s yard today. An excellent Halloween display!

I don’t know Amanda’s friend, or where they live, but the comment did alert me to the possibility of rainbows of skeletons. Googling then brought me to the artwork above, on the Flickr site of a woman in Toronto with the screen name Georgie_grrl. I’ve found nothing about the context of the work.

What I know is what you can see for yourselves. It’s on display indoors; it’s a concave arc, not a convex one like ordinary rainbows; it has a mixture of colors from the rainbow, some in canonical sequence, but others out of it; it starts with intense blue and ends in a wild splash of pink.

Rainbow skeletons making a skeleton rainbow.


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