Ch- ch- changes

Behind the scenes here at AZBlog, there have been changes, set off by Apple’s closing down, on June 30th, its storage site that I (and many others) had been using for image files (earlier, then, a.k.a. MobileMe). First, all these files had to be moved to a new site (Amazon Web Services). And then all the links to Apple had to be changed to links to Amazon.

Ned Deily has been doing this work for me, in steps, all except one of which have been done: (1) altering all the links on AZBlog; (2) altering all the links on “new” Language Log; (3) moving the gallery of postcard collages to a new location (it’s now a Page on the AZBlog site, here); and (4) altering all the links on “old” Language Log (Language Log Classic). Step 4 might be tricky, and until some way can be found to manage it, all the links there to my image files are broken.

During the migration, some of the other links might have been broken for a short period, but Ned and I think things are working fine now on items (1)-(3).

Image files on AZBlogX are unaffected, since they’re stored on the LiveJournal site (which allows X-rated images, while the other sites do not).

Yes, it’s complicated.


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