Boxer in shorts

Yesterday’s Daily Jocks ad, introducing Lukas for Helsinki Athletica:

Lukas had a solid career doing
Gay porn in the Czech Republic — his
Muscular body, dark good looks,
Dominating presence, and high
Sex drive earned him a big
Fan following, among them a Finnish
Enthusiast in search of a model for his
Sportswear — so Lukas trekked North to
Craft a career in sporty shorts, and,
Sometimes, out of them.

The DJ ad copy:

Introducing Lukas by Helsinki Athletica: Be one of the first in the world to get your hands on the Lukas Shorts from Helsinki Athletica. These Sporty Stretch Shorts made from a lightweight mesh fabric grab you in the right spots and can help enhance your body with with body-hugging properties. They also feature slim contrast pockets and subtle logo print, perfect for the gym, running or lounging.

Yes, yes, get your hands on Lukas Shorts.


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