Top in sheer stockings

Over on AZBlogX, a brief report on gay pornstar Ty Roderick, prompted by a  Facebook posting on the man by gay pornstar Trenton Ducati, with this image:

(The X-rated version of this photo is #1 in the XBlog posting; #2 there is an equally X-rated photo, from the CockyBoys site, of Roderick displaying his body, especially his cock.)

Ducati manages the Gentlemen’s Closet site, for men with a thing for men’s feet and for sheer tights and stockings on men, as above. Roderick projects tough, dominant masculinity (he’s mostly a top), but he’s not above flaunting it in sheer stockings.

Roderick has a nicely developed body, but he’s not bodybuilder big, while Ducati is in fact a bodybuilder, though not massively muscled. In fact I enjoy Ducati’s porn work, but mostly because of the amiable persona he projects (and he’s sexually versatile, happy as bottom or top).

I’ve posted about Ducati several times, on both of my blogs. On the occasion of a “best of” compendium of his porn work, Crotch Rocket: the X-rated version of 2/15/13 here, the 2/16/13 version on this blog here.

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    Ok, I cop to basing the title “Top in sheer stockings” on the metrically identical Nights in White Satin.

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