This week’s art news

An image of an exciting find:


The drawing of the martyred St. Sebastian, attributed to Leonardo (Tajan auction house)

In an article by Scott Reyburn in the NYT on-line on the 11th, under the head:

An Artistic Discovery Makes
A Curator’s Heart Pound
A retired doctor visited a Paris auction house in March with a portfolio of drawings. It contained a work now attributed to Leonardo da Vinci and valued at about $15.8 million.

and in print on the 12th, under the head:

A Curator’s Heart Pounds
The discovery of what is believed to be a long-lost drawing by Leonardo da Vinci generates excitement

The story begins:

Paris — It’s an auctioneer’s jackpot dream. A man walks in off the street, opens a portfolio of drawings, and there, mixed in with the jumble of routine low-value items, is a long-lost work by Leonardo da Vinci.

Earlier on this blog, a 5/20/11 posting on the martyrdom of Saint Sebastian as a homoerotic image. An image that appealed to Leonardo, as seen in two authenticated drawings by him, one in the Hamburger Kunsthalle:


and one available through Getty Images:


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