Website and blog changes

The world of AZ websites and blogs has altered, and will change further in coming days. Most of these changes are behind the scenes — access to all this material will continue to be possible by familiar means — but here’s what’s happened:

First, AZBlog is now


will work; it simply links to my new site. (Along the way, I have arranged to have ads removed from the site.)

My Stanford website — — remains, but in severely reduced form; all of its substantive content is now on the AZBlog About page — — and my Stanford site merely links to that About page. All of my .pdf files continue to be housed at Stanford, so a URL you currently have for one of these .pdf files will work exactly as before.

The AZBlog About page is (I think) considerably easier to negotiate than the old Stanford website (and it’s considerably easier for me to edit). Here are its contents, in outline form:

[AZ photos]
Research areas
Current research program
Further information and links to .pdf files

  • Papers of mine
  • Course descriptions
  • Course materials
  • Abstracts for papers
  • Handouts for conference papers
  • Bibliographies
  • Things by students I’ve worked with
  • Book proposal:  the January 2005 proposal for a book “Adventures in the Advice Trade”.
  • Recent Publications
  • Recent and future courses

Brief biography
Links to other pages
Addresses & phone numbers

AZBlog also has two pages carried over from before: one with academic collages and one with an inventory of blogs and resources in linguistics.

AZBlogX — — is untouched by these changes.

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