Annals of sex positions

Among the cards in the SexDeck —

(“Has Missionary become monotonous? Is Doggie getting dull? Tonight, skip the same-old-same-old and give Leg Wrap. Easy Rider, or the Sun Worshiper a try.”)

The names are mostly inventive, definitely non-standard, but every so often you come across a technical term from the world of sex research. So it was with card #16, depicting the reverse CAT, where CAT is glossed as Coital Alignment Technique.

From Wikipedia:

The coital alignment technique (CAT) sex position, known colloquially as grinding the corn, is a variant of the missionary position designed to maximize clitoral stimulation during coitus. This is achieved by combining the “riding high” variation of the missionary position with pressure-counterpressure movements performed by each partner in rhythm with coitus.

The technique for coital alignment was formulated by American psychotherapist Edward Eichel and the original study was published by Eichel, De Simone Eichel, and Kule in 1988 in the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy. Since then, the topic has been studied several times in the same journal. A report in 1992 by Kaplan and her sex therapist trainees described the team’s cursory trial of the C.A.T., acknowledging that they may have resorted to old routines after only a few attempts out of fear of disappointing their partners. Their call for other sex therapists to give the technique more rigorous testing instigated a series of controlled studies by Hurlbert and colleagues reporting statistically significant results in the treatment of female hypoactive sexual desire sex therapy.

So: not only a technical term, but a relatively recent one, for a technique that might also have been devised recently — though I’m a bit suspicious that it has a (metaphorical) colloquial name, which I didn’t recall having heard before (but now it turns out that it figured in episode 9 (“Grinding the Corn”) of season 4 of the tv show Six Feet Under (2004), in which one character brings another to orgasm, for the first time, by using the technique).

The position depicted in SexDeck #16 is a woman-on-top variant of CAT as described above.

(Though many of the positions in the SexDeck can be fairly easily adapted for man-on-man anal intercourse, CAT and reverse CAT look singularly unpromising.)

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