Cartoon conventions

A recent meta-Bizarro, on visual conventions in the comics:

A compendium of some of these conventions:

Walker, Mort. 2000. The lexicon of comicana. Lincoln NE: [orig. publ. by Museum of Cartoon Art]

Walker has the wavy heat line under the name indotherm (p. 29) — the names for visual conventions are almost all his playful inventions — but doesn’t seem to have wavy stink lines.

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  1. Drew Smith Says:

    Doesn’t Walker use “wafterons” for wavy stink lines?

  2. Drew Smith Says:

    Correction: “waftaroms”.

    • arnold zwicky Says:

      Waftarom is for attractive aromas (as of a freshly baked pie), and waftaroms are not simple wavy lines, but long lines that turn at a right angle, to indicate the aroma wafting through the air.

      But I’m sure I’ve seen wavy stink lines, above piles of garbage, smelly people, and the like. And of course skunks.

  3. Bob Richmond Says:

    Knitters are infuriated by the convention that has knitters knitting with the points of the needles down and the butt-ends up. Even knitters who can knit underwater say nobody can knit with the needles pointing down.

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