And so it begins

… winter that is, with cold nights (cold for this part of the world), and one rainstorm after another sweeping down from the northwest (over the ocean). And with the First Cymbidium of Winter:

The shoot appeared several weeks ago, and the buds began opening on Thanksgiving Day, just the way they’re supposed to (first plants flowering in late November, last ones finishing in mid-June).


The strap-like leaves belong to the cymbidium. The plant in back of it is a kalanchoe, and the other visible leaves belong to pelargoniums (what are commonly called geraniums). Plus a shaft of early-winter sun.

Rain over the weekend. Now it seems that the next storms went inland well north of here and will miss us, so no rain for, oh, maybe, 10 days. Nice crisp days, but no drought relief for a while.

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