Vase of Flowers with Donuts

… in the style of Jan Brueghel / Breughel the Elder. Another wonderful digital still life composed by Stephanie Shih:

(#1) On Facebook yesterday from Stephanie: “Continuing on the still life obsession, I did a collab with a friend’s donut shop. Inspiration: Brueghel the Elder … Donuts: DK’s Donuts & Bakery and Mayly Tao; styling/production assist Andi Terada”

Stephanie continued:

On a related note, there are nearly 50 donuts in the house. We just made a croissant-donut kimchi grilled cheese sandwich for lunch. Please send help.

Donut madness!

Her “still life obsession” is a reference to her work discussed in my 9/13/20 posting “Mid-autumn memento mori for the times” — a digital vanitas still life combining elements of Western and Eastern still life traditions.

#1 above might be a variation on a specific Brueghel / Breughel still life — Stephanie can comment on this if she wishes — but there’s a truly gigantic number of them, and I haven’t found a specific one that #1 might be a variation on. Two typical Breughels:

(#2) Flowers in a Wooden Vessel (1603) (from the Brueghel Wikipedia site)

(#3) Vase of Flowers with Jewellery, Coins and Shells (1606) (from the Web Gallery of Art: flowers by Jan Brueghel the Elder)

On the artist, from Wikipedia:

Jan Brueghel (also Bruegel or Breughel) the Elder (1568 – 13 January 1625) was a Flemish painter and draughtsman. He was the son of the eminent Flemish Renaissance painter Pieter Bruegel the Elder. A close friend and frequent collaborator with Peter Paul Rubens, the two artists were the leading Flemish painters in the first three decades of the 17th century.

Brueghel worked in many genres including history paintings, flower still lifes, allegorical and mythological scenes, landscapes and seascapes, hunting pieces, village scenes, battle scenes and scenes of hellfire and the underworld.

And he was an almost unbelievably prolific artist.

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