Clipped musculature

My most recent posting had a cartoon pun on abdominal (muscles), muscles that have been featured prominently in huge numbers of my postings on shirtless men, under the name abs, for abdominals. The muscles come in sets, hence the plural; and then the base noun abdominal has been clipped to ab. There are plenty more of these clippings, most of them involving muscles that come in pairs.

So from a 8/19/14 posting “Abs of the week”:

It’s been a while since I posted images of shirtless men with astounding abs (and pecs, delts, traps, and biceps, but oh, those abs!) …

And there’s more on fitness sites, for example, from msn health and fitness, on Wall Ball exercises:

MUSCLES INVOLVED: Quads, Glutes, Abs, Traps, Pecs, Delts, Triceps, Total Body

EQUIPMENT: Medicine Ball

The muscles involved, beside the abs, are:

pecs: pectorals (the pectoralis major muscles, of the chest) (link)

delts: deltoids (the deltoid muscles, making the rounded corners of the shoulders) (link)

traps: the trapezius muscles (moving the shoulder blades and supporting the arms) (link)

glutes: the gluteus maximus muscles (the buttocks) (link)

triceps (brachii) muscles — not clipped — of the back of the upper arm (link)

biceps (brachii) muscles — not clipped — of the front of the upper arm (link)

There are plenty of other muscles that are developed in bodybuilding — the muscles of the forearm, thigh muscles, and calf muscles, in particular — but these aren’t usually referred to by their Latin names, whether in full or clipped.

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