Short shot #13: a lack of give a damn

A nouning of a VP, in “So Much Food. So Much Hunger.” (by Andrew Martin), NYT Week in Review, 9/20/09 (p. 3):

How can so many people be hungry when farmers produce enough food, at least in theory, to feed every person on the planet?

The answers are complex and involve everything from American farm politics and African corruption to war, poverty, climate change and drought, which is now the single most common cause of food shortages on the planet.

But David Beckmann, president of the antihunger group Bread for the World, boiled the causes down into one unifying theme — “a lack of give a damn.”

“It’s mainly neglect,” he said. “Political neglect.”

And then there’s

The Department of Give-a-Damn (link)

Compare the nouning of the adverbial PP back to school, as discussed by Neal Whitman in a recent Visual Thesaurus column (with a link to an earlier posting on his blog).

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  1. mollymooly Says:

    Foreshadowed by “half past give a damn”

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