From the dominance/submission files

(About men’s bodies and sex between men, in very plain language — not suitable for kids or the sexually modest.)

On AZBlogX yesterday, a posting “Raunchy Dirty Uncut Fucking”, about Raw Alpha Males gay porn, specializing in  dominance and submission.

From 4/15/20, an e-mail ad under this title (a fine line of trochaic tetrameter, by the way) for the Raw Alpha Males (subscription) site:

Cropped version of the mailer photo; on AZBlogX, the arresting full photo, captioned YOUR MASTERS AWAIT!, showing this master’s thick dick, with side images of sex between men (so, massively unsuitable for WordPress)

Some ad text:

alpha tops and sub bottoms
Ready To Get Rammed?
Join now and experience the RAW ALPHA MALES showing off their skills: fucking ass bareback, getting their cocks sucked by pig bottoms, and commanding guys to submit! The RAW ALPHA MALES take sex to the extreme by humiliating and pissing on their bottom slaves, getting their feet worshiped, and stretching holes to the max with huge dildos!

Commentary from AZBlogX:

This is of course fantasy, and it’s primarily aimed at vierwers who identify with the sub bottoms in the videos; the alpha tops are there to provide subs with the pleasures of being dominated, humiliated, abused, and used. These scenes are both ritualized and consensual; indeed, the bottoms participate enthusiastically. (In fact, in real life as in gay porn.) But I imagine that many men who enjoy the porn, imaginatively identifying with the subs in them, do not in fact engage in the practices of ritualized submission in their own sexual lives. Though of course lots of them enjoy getting fucked, just not with the trappings of dominance and submission.

Some remarks on the psychology of this role playing in my 2/25/13 posting on AZBlogX “Fetish/kink porn”:

An overarching theme in [masochistic practices] is Taking It: experiencing, and enjoying, pain, humiliation, and abuse … An exhibition of parodoxical masculinity, showing how much of a man you are by showing how much you can take from other men. But also Submission, an abandonment of will to another man, recognizing him as superior to you.

(Superior to you, but perhaps capable of providing you with some power, masculinity, etc. through your association with him. Hanging out with the X guys can make you more X.)

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