Arts and crafts in the mail

Readers who know my interests are given to sending me links to oddities I might not otherwise have come across. Two recently: from Elizabeth Daingerfield Zwicky, for a men’s underwear posting on a men’s sewing blog; and from Mark Mandel, with an X-rated cake.

Sewing first. This is a posting on the blog

Male Pattern Boldness: one man’s sewing journey into the fantastic

by¬†Peter Lappin — the posting of March 6,

Boxers and Y-Fronts and Thongs, Oh My!

beginning with this entertaining Munsingwear ad:

and working its way through Sears, Roebuck ads and the trend-shifting Calvin Klein ads to sewing patterns for boxer shorts (Lappin eventually sews some), with a final tribute to that homoerotic icon, the dance belt:

On to Jonathan Blount’s artistic cake-baking, in particular the entertaining Ass Cake (Blount is into bears — of the gay male variety — and butts), which is unWordPressable but is depicted in vivid color, with discussion and a Blount painting on a similar theme, on my X blog.

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