Condom humor

From Chris Waigl on Facebook, a story from the Anchorage Daily News on the 12th, “State’s sex humor cringe-inducing but might work” by Julia O’Malley:

I will now write about the state’s condom distribution program like a grown-up, without veering into questionable puns or juvenile humor. This is not because I have great  impulse control. It is because the state has generated all the teenage condom humor I can handle today.

… Condom distribution is part of a new public-health campaign entitled “Wrap it up, Alaska.”

The state’s condoms come tucked in red matchbooks. Each matchbook is decorated with an Alaskan image and an edgy sex-related slogan. Picture a hockey goalie above the words, “Nice Save,” a pair of rain boots with “Keep Your Rubbers Handy,” or small plane above the words “Happy Landing.” Those are the cleaner slogans. Some of the others are too explicit and/or cringe-worthy for a family newspaper. (The pictures that accompany those include an oil well, a basketball player with his ball, a snowmachiner without a helmet and a person riding a grizzly. You can use your imagination.)

What does sexual humor have to do with public health? It begins, I was told by the Alaska Department of Health and Social Services this week, with chlamydia.

Alaska has a huge chlamydia problem, and latex condoms are a simple way to prevent its spread. Offering free condoms with humor might help.

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