The emotional portmanteau pentagram

On the page , a posting by @Aleums of a scheme for generating a whole family of portmanteaus from a base set of five emotion adjectives:

(Ultimate source not identified.)

The base set, going clockwise:

stressed, horny, angry, sad, hungry

1st order set, the portmanteaus of adjacent items (clockwise again, starting from stressed):

strorny, horngry, sangry, sungry, strungry

(so strorny is stressed + horny)

2nd order set, portmanteauing items two apart (going clockwise, starting from stressed):

strangry, sorny, hangry, strad, hurngry

(so strangry is stressed + angry)

And 3rd order set, from a base item + the portmanteau of its two adjacent items (clockwise, starting from stressed):

strurngry, strorngry, horngrad, hungerad, strungrad

(so strurngry is stressed + hungry + horny)

Some of the portmanteaus aren’t simple splicings of the first part of one contributor with the second part of the other (as in stressed + horny giving str-orny), but interleave the parts of the two contributors: hungry + horny giving hurngry (where the two contributors share initial h, medial n, and final y).


2 Responses to “The emotional portmanteau pentagram”

  1. Link love: language (72) | Sentence first Says:

    […] The emotional portmanteau pentagram. […]

  2. Neil M. Dunn Says:

    The above reminds me of something else I saw today = a dots GIF.

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