The things that a Dingburger needs

Today’s Zippy, with banjo burlesque:


Meat loaf with Cool Whip, ear plugs with clam dip, …

We’ve been there before. Back in 2012, it was Mr. The Toad on the piano:


From my 1/1/12 posting “My Favorite Things”:

That’s the show tune from the 1959 Rogers and Hammerstein musical The Sound of Music. Great music (wonderfully transformed in John Coltrane’s soprano saxophone version of 1961), supremely annoying lyrics [supplied in that posting; I can’t bear to repeat them].

… It just cries out to be burlesqued.

I stand by these judgments.

Then there are those pork brains that Zippy plunks about in #1 (“Mallomars and drains … pork brains”). One brand in cans:


The label shows a conventional dish: pork brains and scrambled eggs.

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