My Hobby Comics

Some bounty from the Stanford Linguistics in the Comics freshman seminar, a collection of xkcd cartoons with subheaded metatext “My Hobby”, searched out by Kyle Qian. Kyle found about 1,300 xkcd cartoons online, 36 of them subheaded this way, and he posted 7 of them with discussion. (I’ll put off posting about his comments until he gives me permission. The cartoons are in some sense public, but Kyle’s analysis is certainly not.)

One of the MHCs (My Hobby Comics) has appeared on this blog before: on “no pun intended” (the metatext). Another, on the reinterpretation of things like sweet-ass car (intentionally) transformed to sweet ass-car is discussed, but not reproduced, here:


Then the new ones, reproduced here without comment:






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