Mix and match

Today’s Zippy, at the Main Street Diner in Plainville CT:


takes us back to this 12/16/14 posting, “Telezippic communication”:


The same artwork, slightly different coloring, entirely different text, but the same story line:

Panel 1: using his thought rays, Zippy contemplates some classic diner food.

Panel 2: after Zippy’s spent some significant period of time in the diner inertly focusing on diner food, the waitress asks him to order or leave.

Panel 3: Zippy walks off, the powers of his thought rays defeated by the diner.

Though there are wordless comics and words-only comics, most pair the visual and the verbal, artwork and text — which opens up the possibility of supplying new text for old artwork (as here) or new artwork for old text (which also happens, but less often). Entirely parallel to the situation with songs, which pair the auditory and the verbal, tune and text. Quite commonly in hymns, people supply new text for an old tune or a new tune for an old text. As I’ve noted in my postings about shapenote music (see the Page on my shapenote postings here), both things happen in that context: any text with a particular meter can substitute for any other text with that meter, and particularly good old texts are set again and again to new tunes.

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