Homoerotic horror

Comment from a Facebook friend on my posting about the tv series Saving Hope, with three acting hunks featured, Kristopher Turner being the youngest:

I thought I recognized Turner! He spent many scenes in just white boxer briefs in a homoerotic classic. Wiki: “…he was cast in the lead role of Lex in director David DeCoteau’s film The Brotherhood III: Young Demons (2002)”

(That’s Turner on the right, not in the cute-kid persona he projects in Saving Hope.)

Yes indeed. Homoerotic horror from DeCoteau, who has churned out the most amazing number of genre films, in all sorts of genres. I don’t seem to have posted about the director before. So now a few words.

You can view the trailer for Brotherhood III on YouTube here. Or see the whole movie on YouTube here; note, however, that DeCoteau’s movies are very hastily made and are far from monuments of cinematic art.

Wikipedia on the director:

David DeCoteau (born January 5, 1962, Portland, Oregon) is an American and Canadian film director and producer.

… He has said of his working methods, “I always wanted to make what I could sell. So I just promised myself that I would not be set in my ways. If somebody said, ‘Look, we need a horror film, we need a creature feature, we need a Western, we need a period costume drama,’ I was able to put it together pretty quickly.”

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  1. arnold zwicky Says:

    More from my Facebook friend about DeCoteau:

    He never shot a hot guy in briefs he didn’t linger over unnecessarily. Great high camp horror.

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