Retro chic

Today’s Zippy, set in Hyde Park NY:

(#1) At the Eveready Diner in Hyde Park

(This strip has been cropped to remove political content.)

The building is a huge 1995 Paramount diner, a symphony in stainless steel and neon, designed to evoke classic diners of the 1950s.

(#2) The actual diner

The place has an astonishing menu — actually two, a gigantic regular menu and a substantial dessert menu:

(#4) Regular

(#3) Dessert

The regular menu offers a wide range of diner breakfasts, sandwiches and burgers, deli specialties, salads, diner classics, pitas and wraps, street tacos, fish, steaks, and chicken dishes.

Still, the big draw is the ambience.

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