Classical Spoonerism

Reported by Joel Berson on ADS-L on the 4th:

grewd loaseness: Uttered (and soon corrected) by a radio news broadcaster about what a man who appeared nude in public, beat his fists on his head, and claimed he was God was arrested for.

Victor Steinbok noted that “genuine Spoonerisms” are rare, meaning that inadvertent word-part transpositions are rare (though he cited an example from his own experience: tissy pookler for pussy tickler ‘mustache’, and I’ve posted on inadvertent Oback Barama). Intentional — playful — word-part transpositions are extremely common, and so are inadvertent whole-word transpositions, reported on here fairly often, for instance in the porn quote:

You wanna fuck your shooting load! You wanna shoot your fuckin’ load!

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  1. Robert Coren Says:

    A long-ago friend of mine, trying to say the word “spoonerism” itself, came up with “snooperism”, entirely inadvertently as far as I could tell. (THC may have been involved.)

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