Still more Christmas music

(Ok, languages, if not actually Language.)

Just when I thought the vein of eccentric Christmas music had been played out, along comes Jolly Bolly Christmas, with Bollywood and Bhangra (Punjabi) versions of Christmas songs, plus a cross-cultural (Brit-Punjabi) sitcom and the tale of Bhangra Santa, the red-nosed Rhandhir, and the navigation device Sat Navinder.

(Hat tip to Elizabeth Daingerfield Zwicky, the Finder of Weird Things.)

I think my favorite track is “Merry Christmas Everyone!”, in which you’ll recognize the song “Hare Krishna” from the musical Hair.

The ad copy would be hard to beat for getting a sense of the flavor of the thing:

The world’s first Bollywood comedy Christmas CD features vibrant, heart-warming Bollywood and Bhangra versions of Christmas classics that will make you smile and dance. It includes original songs in Hindi and Punjabi, together with short comedy sketches – a fun Christmas tale!

’ A Jolly Bolly Christmas’ includes moving and heart-warming versions of Silent Night and Ding Dong Merrily on High performed by Shahid (who performed for Prince Harry at Buckingham Palace as part of the BBC Show – Goldie’s Band). 

Adding an extra Bollywood touch are original Christmas songs in Hindi and Punjabi written specially for the album by Kuljit Bhamra MBE – along with an updated, festive version of Kuljit’s internationally famous Patel Rap – re-titled Patel Wrap!

… More than just a music album, the album also includes a Fun Christmas Tale. Follow Bhangra Santa as he attempts to deliver this year’s Christmas presents on his own. Randhir the red-nosed Rudolph and the elves are too ill to work, so Bhangra Santa has to settle for a Gift Wrap Service and a self-drive sleigh. But Sat Navinder – the navigation device, soon reveals a mind of her own! Meanwhile, the Sidhu & Smith newly weds visit Southall from Newcastle for their first family Christmas meal together.

‘A Jolly Bolly Christmas’ is the first Asian Christmas CD of its type and is a great choice for a unique Christmas gift with a difference.

(Some listeners might want to home in on the music and skip the rest.)

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