Nick Cave and the Soundsuits

Today’s news from Stanford included “Nick Cave exhibition at Stanford challenges artistic conventions”:

A new exhibition at the Anderson Collection at Stanford University blends the visual arts with performance. Nick Cave’s Soundsuits are part sculpture, part costume [and part musical instruments]. Made of a myriad of discarded and disused materials, they are designed to be worn and moved in, concealing the wearer’s race, gender and age. The exhibition runs through Aug. 14, 2017.

There’s an accompanying video.

Note: not the Australian musician Nick Cave, fascinating though he is, but the artist Nick Cave.

An assemblage of people in Soundsuits:


(Many other choices available on the net.)

Briefly on Cave, from Wikipedia:

Nick Cave (born 1959 in Fulton, Missouri, USA) is an American fabric sculptor, dancer, and performance artist. He is best known for his Soundsuits: wearable fabric sculptures that are bright, whimsical, and other-worldly. He also trained as a dancer with Alvin Ailey. He resides in Chicago and is director of the graduate fashion program at School of the Art Institute of Chicago.

Cave himself is something to behold, especially when he’s smiling (which he does a lot):


For comparison, here’s the other guy, of Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, in a characteristic pose:


You might want to take notes, so that you can tell them apart even before their performances start.

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