Cooking with T-Rex

In the January 24th Dinosaur Comics, T-Rex invents a food:

Dinosaur Comics fan Aviatrix took this as a challenge.

As reported on her blog Cockpit Conversations on the 29th:

I set out at once to follow the instructions. Not being a fully-grown Tyrannosaurus Rex, and not having a giant enough frying pan, I divided the recipe by five, and also seeing as I live in modern times and not the late cretaceous period, I used the metric system.  First I assembled the raw ingredients. You see here 465g of ground beef, a couple of eggs, chocolate ice-cream and salt: all the ingredients mentioned in the comic.  T-Rex did not specify an ice cream flavour. I was going to use neapolitan, but I gave the final decision to my  photographer, who chose chocolate. There is certainly a lot of scope to vary this recipe by using different ice cream flavours. [Aviatrix is Canadian, hence the spelling flavour.]

Detailed account of preparation follows. And then:

The dish was astonishingly edible, considering it was invented by a fictional dinosaur and deliberately concocted to be as ludicrous as possible. It’s pretty sweet, and this is coming from someone who ate Nutella out of the jar with a spoon for lunch. I would recommend decreasing the ice cream-to-beef ratio to perhaps 1:2, add more chili powder and other spices at an earlier stage of cooking and, as I mentioned earlier, play with the ice cream flavour.

Now that’s comic-strip enthusiasm!

(Hat tip to Elizabeth Daingerfield Zwicky.)


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    That last sentence deserves a mention in a blog mostly about language.

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