Jury of English majors

Via Gregory Ward, a Mark Parisi cartoon from 5/19/09 showing a man in a witness box protesting “I didn’t do nuthin’!”, with the jury all thinking “Ooo! A confession!” — a jury of English majors, as the caption says.

In the popular imagination, English majors are so committed to the idea of grammatical correctness that they are unable to understand non-standard varieties.

I’m not reproducing the drawing; in an earlier experience with Parisi’s cartoons, his distributors wrote to threaten me: their permission was required to distribute his drawings, and that would cost me real money. So I withdrew the drawing and replaced it with a description.

On the cartoonist, from Wikipedia:

Mark Parisi (born 1961) is the creator of Off the Mark, a comic panel which began in 1987 and now appears in 100 newspapers, as well as on greeting cards, T-shirts, and more. Off The Mark is distributed daily by Universal Press Syndicate. Parisi’s work is influenced by Charles Schulz, MAD Magazine and Gary Larson. Parisi has also said he admires the work of cartoonists Jim Meddick, Sergio Aragonés, and Garry Trudeau.

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