Double your pleasure

(This posting has no redeeming social value whatsoever, and hardly any linguistic interest, but it can afford some laughs. It is, however, about gay porn ads, describing hard-core mansex, so not for kids or the sexually modest.)

The hard-core evidence is on AZBlogX, in a posting titled “Sleazy Presidents Day with Michael Lucas” (Michael Lucas the gay porn honcho), with a holiday ad (#1) plus a still from a video the company has on sale (#2).

As I wrote on AZBlogX, #1 shows

Double penetration, with the guy in the middle getting it from two hairier guys, and with an extraordinarily hairy (and sweaty-sticky) guy on top. I suppose the message is that on Presidents Day we get two presidents in one event, and in #1 the hole in the middle is getting two big dicks in him in one event. Or something like that.

Double penetration happens in real life, but very infrequently. It’s mostly a gay porn stunt — tricky to pull off — designed to provide the viewer with as full a view as possible of as many cocks as possible. Take it to the max.

Obviously I can’t show you any part of this image, since it’s nothing but XXX-rated bodyparts. But I can give you a taste of #2. The brief description:

Two couples doing out-facing sit-fucks (arranged, of course, so that the viewers can appreciate as much cock as possible, so everybody’s being all athletic, straining their muscles), with everybody apparently aiming at ecstatic facial expressions, which only two approximate: [but] Guy 1 is apparently registering shock-horror, and Guy 3 is snarling like a dog. All in all, to my eyes it’s both awkward and hilarious, not anything that would make me want to buy the scene.

Cropped so you can see the expressions:

Do one for Washington and one for Lincoln!

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