Two woolly mammoths

On Facebook early in this month, two woolly mammoths for my pleasure — one stuffed, one of ivory.

10/2: stuffed. From Chris Ambidge:

Arnold – Randy [McDonald] and I were at the Royal Ontario Museum today to see the (reopened) Winnie-the-Pooh exhibit, and those pictures will be posted soon. But in the gift shop, we found you! So I thought you should see the photo of Randy and Woolly Mammoth ASAP:


The world of toy mammoths is indeed enormous. I have four of them in my bedroom, in fact, though the one in Randy’s hand is quite fetching. On the four in my bedroom, see my 12/18/17 posting “The news for mammoths: toy story”: the stuffed woolly mammoths I’ve called Mammuthus Major and Mammuthus Minor; a once-“animaltronic” hulk with a dark brown rubber-like plastic skin; and a somewhat smaller and more fanciful stuffed toy with a purple, blue, and yellow cloth skin — creatures I call Fey and Butch.

10/4: ivory. From Gwendolyn Dean:

I also have a mammoth – newly acquired – for your viewing pleasure! He is depicted as Woolly, though not actually feeling fluffy himself:


I asked (playing on the Jefferson Airplane song title “Plastic Fantastic Lover”):

Is he a plastic fantastic mammoth?

To which Gwendolyn replied:

He appears to be ivory and since I acquired him from the important specimen cabinet of minerals and fossils in the uncle’s collector / hoarder / mini-museum, my guess is mammoth ivory. I have not found any documentation, so I cannot say with certainty.

I prefer to think of him as mammoth ivory, of course.

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