Word horror

Via Bill Halstead on Facebook, this timely Tom Tomorrow cartoon:

I’ll post in a while on the real-life events (in Michigan) that inspired the cartoon.

3 Responses to “Word horror”

  1. Julian C. Lander Says:

    That’s terrific! I burst out laughing in the office, not something I usually do. (Yes, I do realize that there’s a serious point here, but it’s still funny.) Possibly relevant, and potentially of linguistic interest, are there slang terms in English specifically for clitoris? Vagina, yes, obviously, but I don’t know any for clitoris. That could be because I’m a man, because slang referring to sex may be sex-specific. But the lack of a term used by men would support men’s lack of awareness of or attention to clitorises (that seems to be the plural, as my dictionary doesn’t specify any other form–I checked).

  2. Ellen Says:

    The only common way of referring to the clitoris in my social circles is “clit” — merely a shortened form. (Occasionally you hear somebody using a silly name like “love button,” but it’s always intended as humorous.)

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