At the keyboard: offer #20, in seven parts

Moving towards the end of the CD offers: a large assortment of music for keyboard instruments, mostly the piano, in seven installments (each with 30-40 discs): six according to the composer, plus one box of collection CDs arranged by performer.

As before, the offer comes as a package, all or nothing: we’re ready to mail out a package for the cost of mailing and no more. If you want a collection, SEND E-MAIL to me ( With your postal address. Kim Darnell ( will then make arrangements for mailing and billing. (PLEASE PLEASE don’t reply as a Facebook comment or message or a WordPress comment, since this offer is going out in multiple places.)

I have an enormous collection of keyboard music (I was a pianist, after all, until my right hand became useless for music-making), a lot of it solo, but also a lot i groups of various sizes and compositions, so the Keyboard category overlaps significantly with the last CD category, #21 Chamber Music (still in preparation).  Naming practices differ, so that the same work might be labeled a cello sonata, a sonata for cello and piano, or a sonata for piano and cello, depending on the labeler’s view of the relative significance of the parts in the composition or of the musicians in a particular performance; the fact is that the combination of cello and piano is likely to be a duet of equals, not a solo instrument with accompaniment.

Kim Darnell and I have generally put chamber works with a  prominent piano in them in the Keyboard category (so, especially for piano trios, piano quartets, and piano quintets), but we haven’t insisted on perfect consistency, so there will be some piano stuff in the Chamber Music category. Also, both of these last two categories will have some late discoveries of things that really belonged in previous categories; think of them as pleasant surprises.

(The Keyboard category includes pianos of vatious vintages and also harpischords and clavichords.)

On to the boxes in #20: six in alphabetical stretches by composer (understanding that some recordings will have a primary composer and a secondary composer), plus one box of discs with assortments of composers on them.

Box 1: from Bach, English Suites and French Suites, to Rosalyn Tureck, Great Solo Works, plus a Balakirev album, Beethoven Bagatelles and piano concertos; specializing in the Goldberg Variations (10 recordings) and the Well-Tempered Clavier (3 recordings)

Box 2: from Beethoven, piano sonatas and piano trios, to Brahms, piano trios and piano quartets

Box 3: from Brahms, piano quintet and variations for piano, to Dvořák, piano trios and piano quartets, plus lots of Chopin in between

Box 4: from Lukas Foss and Louis Moreau Gottschalk to Moussorgsky and the beginning of Mozart (including the complete piano sonatas); in between, lots of Haydn (the complete keyboard sonatas) and quite a few less well-known composers (Moscheles, anyone?)

Box 5: from Mozart, piano trios, piano quartets, and piano concertos, to Rossini, Ruggles, and Satie

Box 6: from Scarlatti and Schoenberg to Stravinsky; piles of Schubert in between

Box 7: piano collections, mostly by pianist – from Argerich,. Bernstein, and Duo Egri & Pertis to the Istomin-Stern-Rose trio, András Schiff, Sanford Sylvan, and Andreï Vieru

You can ask for any number of boxes — name specific ones, or leave the choice to us.

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