Appeal to base instinct

The Daily Jocks ad from the 25th, with an appeal to base, or low, instincts (of taking pleasure in viewing the male body); to the basic, or fundamental, instinct of sexual appetite; and ultimately to an appreciation of the fundamental, or basilar, that is, gluteal:


On the lexical items involved — among them, the moral adjective base, the adjective basic, the noun fundament, and the adjective basilar — see my discussion in the earlier posting today “base(ly)”. Here, I’m slipping back and forth between locational understandings of these expressions, moral understandings, and anatomical understandings.

(The title also works in to appeal to the (political) base and the movie Basic Instinct, but in a scattershot way.)

The DJ ad is for the Australian brand Teamm8, which turns up here every so often. If you’re interested in the details: the hunky model — I think of him as Basil — is wearing a Tempo Tank (in Navy) and a Track Short (in Gray Marle).

Then there are matters fundamental (of the fundament) or basilar (of the bottom): Teamm8 gluteal delights. Three samples from the current catalogue:


The gray marle short, bottom view


A Sprint Brief in green, basilar shot


An Animal Instinct Brief in tiger, rear view

Basil the Base, at bottom a good guy.

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