A morning in the Blue Period

That morning was 10/29, and the morning name then was Paloma Picasso: an alliterative double amphibrach. Bringing with it an allusion to her fashionable clothes and accessories, and to her father’s paintings.


A-tisket, a-tasket
A-jingle, a-jangle

Apollo Miami
Miranda Nantucket
Medusa Paducah
Osiris Paramus

McTavish O’Banion
My Celtic companions

A passion, a fashion
Paloma Picasso

The amphibrach. A metrical humpfoot, WSW or ˘ ′  ˘.  Extensively exemplified above in double-amphibrach lines.

Paloma Picasso. From Wikipedia:


(Hard to pick among so many elegant and stylish photos of PP. This one has a Venetian background as a bonus.)

Paloma Picasso (born Anne Paloma Ruiz-Picasso y Gilot in Vallauris on 19 April 1949), is a French and Spanish fashion designer and businesswoman, best known for her jewelry designs for Tiffany & Co. and her signature perfumes. She is the youngest daughter of 20th-century artist Pablo Picasso and painter Françoise Gilot. Paloma Picasso’s older brother is Claude Picasso (b. 1947), her half-brother is Paulo Picasso (1921-1975), her half-sister is Maya (b. 1935), and she has another half-sister, Aurelia (b. 1956), from her mother’s relationship with artist Luc Simon.

Paloma Picasso is represented in many of her father’s works, such as [these:]

(#2) Paloma with an Orange (1951)

(#3) Paloma in Blue (1952)

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