August 21st: two cartoons

… in the New Yorker. By Tom Toro (cartoon meme and self-referential as well) and Sara Lautman (pun!):



Tom Toro now has a Page of his own on this blog., with links to other cartoons and information about him. In #1, he gives us an instance of the Desert Island cartoon meme, along with a reference to making up jokes about being marooned on a desert island — jokes like this one.

Sara Lautman is new to this blog. Her first New Yorker cartoon was last year, but she’s published a lot in other places. On┬áher Twitter page, she says she lives in Baltimore MD and is a “cartoonist & illustrator. contributing cartoon editor @electricliterature”. Her signature is SLAUT or SLAUTMAN, sometimes concealed in the underbrush, as above.

In #2, a gag cartoon (many of her strips are multi-panel stories about relationships and coping with life), she takes the myth of King Midas, whose touch turns everything to gold, and alters the character to King Madras, whose touch turns everything to madras cloth.

Two more of her single-panel cartoons, on moments in the history of literacy, from the Paris Review in July (the 18th and the 21st):



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