Four cartoons

A sudden avalanche of linuistically interesting cartoons, on a variety of topics.

Word confusion. On Facebook, via David Preston, this Rubes cartoon:


rapture / raptor: near-homonyms, so open for confusion.

(On Rubes, see here.)

Then three cartoons this morning: a Zits, a Bizarro, a Rhymes.

Zits: band names. Freely chosen or invented proper names make a rich topic of investigation. The enormous number of rock bands provide an especially nice source of data. Here’s a Zits on the subject:


Bizarro labradoodle. The labradoodle is a canine cross, between a labrador retriever and a poodle; the name is a portmanteau. Here’s a Bizarro that pulls out the doodle as an independent element, referring to a cartoon:


Rhymes With Orange on tone in e-mails. It’s notoriously difficult to communicate emotional attitudes on-line. Hence this cartoon:


Deliberately marking sarcasm is a somewhat self-defeating strategy; sarcasm and irony are normally communicated indirectly.

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