Quick shot: no creme for Godzilla

Yesterday’s Weekly Humorist cartoon “Missing Something?” by Bob Eckstein:

(#1) In the Godzilla cartoon meme, saurian movie monsters exhibit their famous appetite for pieces of the urban landscape, especially mass transit vehicles

But a bus or train with no passengers inside is like the hollow shell of a chocolate candy, with no nuts, no buttercream, no nougat, no candied cherry, nothing whatsoever in it. Or like the two chocolate biscuits of an Oreo cookie just rubbing together, with no creme filling.

Or like a Hostess Ho-Ho without its creme filling: just the cake, ma’am:

(#2) The whole Ho-Ho; from my 6/10/16 posting “Ho Ho trees, Ho Ho logs”, this quote from Wikipedia: “Ho Hos are small, cylindrical, frosted, cream-filled [in the U.S., creme-filled] chocolate snack cakes with a pinwheel design based on the Swiss roll.”

That would never do.

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