Food and drink postings

… on this blog. I haven’t tried to inventory Language Log postings. But let me recommend Dan Jurafsky’s Language of Food blog.

housemade (link)

Semantic change on the menu (link)
bruschetta, marinara sauce

More on marinara sauce (link)

Short shots #45: maple-apple scrapple (link)

Diets (link)

More diets (link)

Portmanteau Prunus (link)
nectaplums, pluots, etc.

Fair mammoth ears (link)
elephant ears and other fair food

Wieners (link)

Chinese lazy susan (link)

Origin myths (link)

Fasnacht Day (link)

Rutt’s and Mutt’s (link)
hot dog restaurants

Leering sushi (link)
hand rolls

Hoisting a few brewskis (link)

drizzled (link)
recipe/menu language

The marmaxi (link)
giant martini

Chow-chow (link)

Hot dog modesty in the Times (link)

Louis XIII cognac (link)

Product names (link)
for lab-grown meat

The Ass Cake (6/18/11) (link)

Gay spagetti (link)
screw pastas

Soffatelli, pastachetti, pepperoni, diavolini (link)

Menu madness (link)
creatively named menu items

bork (the portmanteau) (link)
beef + pork

More on pepperoni (link)

Zippy makes a sandwich (link)
submarine sandwiches

Corndogs and their ilk (link)

Satanic fast food (link)
Satan food

Zippy subs, take 2 (link)
submarine sandwiches

lobster? (link)

This month’s unpalatable portmanteau (link)

crabsticks (link)

Annals of verbing (link)
verb escoveitch

rock shrimp (link)


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