The Zippyclone again

Today’s Zippy:

Barreling from a first date towards mid-life in three panels. And then we get “Am I th’ divorced father of 2.3 kids with visitation rights yet?!”, a 1sg variant of the Are We X Yet snowclone with a complex X — both features Bill Griffith has exploited before.

From my “Dingburgers having fun” posting of 8/31/10, with a Zippy that leads with the (1sg) question “Am I having fun yet?”:

This is familiar territory for the strip. On Language Log, we’ve had “Am I empathetic yet?” [another 1sg] on 1/20/07; “Are we playing “Risk” in an underground bunker beneath th’ White House yet?” [note very complex X] on 7/14/07, with some discussion of the models for the Are We X Yet snowclone (the children’s question “Are we there yet?” and the Zippy catchphrase “Are we having fun yet?”), a quick survey of the many fillers for X, and a variant with now (“Are we middle-aged now?”); and “Am I questioning all accepted notions of gender marking & display yet?” on 6/24/08 and again on this blog on 4/20/09.

I suggest re-naming the Are We X Yet snowclone as the Zippyclone, to honor the strip.

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