There’s a page about it

… cruising for mansex, specifically. Now postings on the topic (including postings on cruise faces) on this blog have been indexed in a Page on “Cruising for sex”. To inaugurate the Page, a notice on a 2019 British documentary:

A cruisencounter in “Have We Met Before?”

On the Means Happy site: “Have We Met Before? The secrets behind the sex-lives of gay men” by Gareth Johnson on 8/21/19

Part of a series commissioned by the BBC, Have We Met Before? by filmmaker Oliver Mason looks at the changing landscape of dating for queer men.

The film explores how the internet has changed how queer men meet and interact with each other. Focusing on the time period from the 70s until the present day, highlights include the underground gentlemen’s clubs off Shaftesbury Avenue, the hanky code, cruising on Hampstead Heath, cottaging in train stations, the arrival of the internet and online spaces, and the game-changer of phone apps.


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