You want beer with that pork cloud?

Another chapter in the continuing story of pork cloud — begun back on the 15th in my posting “I wandered lonely as a pork cloud”:

Yes, pork cloud. What the Bacon’s Heir company has re-named their version of chicharrones, aka (fried) pork rinds, which they believe are so fluffy that they have to be thought of as pork puffs

I find the name irremediably absurd: I see banks of fluffy pork scudding across the sky, and I giggle helplessly.

(#1) Some pork clouds

The company’s latest ad campaign recommends pairings of beers with the various flavors of pork cloud:

(Hat tip to Kim Darnell.)


The pork rinds are pretty much beside the point here: their function is to serve as a neutral vehicle for the delivery of particular combinations of herbs and spices.

Pork Rinds and Beer Pairings

Dogfish Head 60 Minute IPA + Rosemary & Sea Salt
Wild Heaven White Blackbird Saison + Garlic Thyme
Bell’s Two Hearted Ale + Malabar Black Pepper
Abita Purple Haze + Szechuan Garlic
UFO White + Habanero
Left Hand Nitro + Cinnamon Ceylon

Some of these beers would probably pair well with almost anything.

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