The news for penguins

For some reason, penguiniana has been piling up. Here are three items from the past few days.

First, from Tim McDaniel, a creepy staring penguin from the Telegraph:

The caption:

A little penguin looking like Pingu bows its head and seems to smile at the camera. Photographer JenFu Cheng snapped the Adelie penguin while exploring the vast landscape of Paulet Island, Antarctica. JenFu, 40, said: “He bears a resemblance to Pingu. This penguin was curious because I was sitting on a rock about 15 feet away and he came over to investigate me. He came over, looked into my camera and walked away when he became bored of me.”

Here for comparison is the actual (well, the clay) Pingu:

Next, from Victor Steinbok, cartoon penguins from 1937 (“Peeping Penguins”, by Dave and Max Fleisher), here. That’s peeping — looking — out of curiosity, not peeping like a chick.

Finally, penguins from the distant past, via John McChesney-Young on Google+: “Giant prehistoric penguins!” by Jess Zimmerman, here:

The beginning of the story:

Scientists have spent the past 35 years reconstructing a giant penguin fossil from New Zealand, and here’s the first look at their results. Kairuku (Maori for “diver who returns with food”) lived about 25 million years ago, and it looks a little different from modern penguins. For starters, it’s more than 4 feet tall.

(For fun, there’s a Monty Python giant penguin film clip in the story.)

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