At Peg’s Diner

Today’s Zippy, with its customary bizarre associations of ideas:


And then there’s Peg’s Diner, in Whitinsville MA.

On Peg’s, from a site that tracks Zippy locations:

Pegs is a 1937 Worcester #723 and lies nestled between buildings. It is easily missed. The diner seats fewer than 30 people, serving only breakfast and lunch. Whitinsville is a village of Northbridge, which contains some [mills on the National Register of Historic Places].

On Whitinsville, from Wikipedia:

Whitinsville is an unincorporated village and census-designated place … on the Mumford River, a tributary of the Blackstone River, in the town of Northbridge in Worcester County, Massachusetts [in central MA]. The population was 6,704 at the 2010 census. Whitinsville is pronounced as if it were spelled “White-ins-ville”.

The diner:


Today is not the first time Peg’s has appeared in Zippy. Here’s a strip from 4/13/06:


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