White House holiday

Passed on by Benita Bendon Campbell, this slide from a show of “2012 Christmas Decorations at the White House”, on Politico yesterday:

The Politico caption says merely:

A tree decorated in bright colors sits in the East Garden Room.

(I would have described the colors as pastel rather than bright, and I would certainly have noted the rainbow color theme — which might yet be seized on by critics as evidence of Obama’s ramming through a pro-gay agenda at every turn.)

The tree is situated next to a bronze bust of Lincoln by Gutzon Borglum (whose most famous work is Mount Rushmore). The National Journal photo display has the more informative caption:

A Christmas tree decorated in a rainbow of colors sits next to a statue of President Lincoln in the East Garden Room of the White House.

(Note: “Christmas tree”. No weaselly “holiday tree” here.)

In any case, I think the tree pairs up nicely with the bold colors of the New Yorker‘s “rainbow White House” (here).

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