Wossamotta U

Watching an episode of Rocky and Bullwinkle yesterday with my grand-daughter — it’s one of her favorite entertainments — I came across R&B‘s entertaining institution of higher learning,

Wossamotta U — a mondegreen of “what’s the matter [with] you” — is the ninth story arc from the fifth season of Rocky and Bullwinkle (originally titled The Bullwinkle Show). It was broadcast on the NBC network during the 1963–1964 television season.

… The University of Wossamotta was shown as Rocky and Bullwinkle’s alma mater in The Adventures of Rocky and Bullwinkle movie. (link)

R&B is packed with language play. If the kids don’t get it, their parents will.

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  1. Max Vasilatos Says:

    My parents loved Rocky & Bullwinkle ; for me it blended nicely in with other innocuous cartoons like TomTerrific and Little Lulu. R&B was genious!

  2. John Lawler Says:

    It was wonderful. I adored it and made sure my kids watched every episode. It helped that at the time I was teaching at a branch campus of Wossamotta U.

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  4. Allan Says:

    A great episode written over 40 years ago that parrots much of the same corruption present today in college sports. Buts whats with the score of the game changing between episode 3 and 4? The game suddenly goes from a high scoring shootout to a 6-0 score at the start of episode 4. Rocky scores a touchdown to tie the score at the end but no extra point is kicked and the celebration occurs immediately. So I guess the writers made up the rules as they went along? I guess that’s par for the course.

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