NCOD 2011

Sunday was Hangul Day. Yesterday was Columbus Day (U.S.) and Thanksgiving Day (Canada). And today is National Coming Out Day (now celebrated internationally), one of the days of my people. The Keith Haring poster:

It’s also the day Jacques and I chose to celebrate as our anniversary (when you can’t get married, you get to pick a day; I know that things have changed, but all that was too late for us). This would be #35.

Our last certificate of domestic partnership, from the city of Palo Alto, came on Valentine’s Day 1996, a couple of years before he moved to the dementia care facility where he died seven years later. Terrible times, but I still miss him.

Like many of my friends, I have trouble thinking of anyone these days that I’m not out to. But I can still be encouraging, so I’m wearing my It Gets Better t-shirt.

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