Chicken and waffles (the chip connection)

Following up on my chicken and waffles posting, this photograph from Jeff Shaumeyer on Facebook:

Jeff’s comment:

When Chris Ambidge was visiting recently, we found this in the grocery store (not even in the “gourmet” section): ‘Chicken-and-Waffles’ flavored potato chips/crisps.

We determined that taking a photograph meant we didn’t actually have to buy any.

That’s Chris in the photo. You will see from the image on the bag that the chips are supposed to be based on the soul-food variant of chicken and waffles; note the butter and the piece of fried chicken.

Josh Simon (March 3) added:

It’s one of the Three Customer-Defined Flavors getting national testing. The other two are Cheesy Garlic Bread and Sriracha.

No, I don’t know how you convey waffleness in a chip, nor how cheesy garlic bread chips would be distinguished from garlic cheese chips.

2 Responses to “Chicken and waffles (the chip connection)”

  1. Josh Simon Says:

    I would suspect, not having tried them or read the ingredients, that waffleness in this case would be artificial maple flavoring, some kind of sweetener, and possibly some [artificial?] butter flavoring.

  2. arnold zwicky Says:

    From Jeff Shaumeyer on Facebook:

    Had we bought the bag of chips we could have tested our hypothesis that the potatoes may have been “waffle-cut”. It will probably remain a missed opportunity.

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