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Another inventory of postings, this time on (zero) nouning. I started keeping a file on nounings a couple of years ago, and this inventory is pretty much restricted to recent postings. In addition to postings on Language Log and this blog, I’ve listed some postings closely linked to these, with no pretense to covering what’s out there in the blogosphere.

Note: this is not an inventory of nounings in English. There are many nounings in my files — including a fair number mentioned on ADS-L and some with OED entries — that escaped my linguablog net, and in any case I’ve never attempted to record every nouning in English (that would be a lunatic enterprise, it seems to me). Instead, I’ve noted a few items that for one (perhaps idiosyncratic) reason or another caught my eye.

(Items that have no source specified are from Language Log.)

ML, 5/19/04: Knowledge her last reveal (link)

AZ, 7/10/08: My ask (link)

AZ, 8/19/08: Horton Hears a Swear (link)

AZBlog, 6/20/09: No nouning! (link)
count fail

BZ, : 6/30/09: Doing stupid (link)
with BZ comment on mass nouning of stupid

Neal Whitman’s Literal-Minded, 7/1/09: Buckets, Boxes, and Bags (link)
mass fail; other mass nounings in comments

Ben Zimmer on Visual Thesaurus, 8/7/09: “Fail” for the Win! (link)

Ben Zimmer in NYT, 8/9/09: How Fail Went From Verb to Interjection (link)

Neal Whitman’s Literal-Minded, 8/19/09: At the Zoo (link)
mass nouning of hurl ‘vomit’

AZBlog, 8/23/09: A grow (link)

AZBlog, 8/31/09: A tough get (link)

AZBlog, 9/12/09: More nounings (link)
nounings of mishear and mis-speak

AZBlog, 9/24/09: Bags (link)
mass nouning of interesting

AZBlog, 11/30/09: On the noun watch (link)
nouning of open and reveal

AZBlog, 12/13/09: Your next quit (link)

AZBlog, 12/14/09: A big give (link)

AZBlog, 12/22/09: meet, the noun (link)

AZBlog, 1/6/10: Conversion by truncation (link)
including conversion of adjectives to nouns

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