Alex’s Locker Room

(Men’s bodies and mansex, in very plain language, so not for kids or the sexually modest. There will be a surprise detour into literary analysis.)

You can get anything you want at Alex’s Locker Room, including Alex. As depicted on the front cover of the DVD for Falcon Studio’s gay porn flick Tales From the Locker Room (2020):

(#1) Four heavy cruise faces, which is what caught my eye and led me to this posting. Dick (one barely concealed, one fuzzed out here) and ass. Black and white. Muscles. Plus a pair of icepick-erect nipples. Something for everybody. (The full photo in my 4/5/20 AZBlogX “In the fantasy locker room”)

You don’t often get to be the object of four industrial-strength cruises at once. (On cruise faces, see my 7/19/18 posting “Get your cruise face on”. And on those nipples, see my 2/25/17 posting “Displaying your nipples”, with its section on nipple erections.)

There’s more on the back cover. With the sex scenes — very heavily asshole-oriented — cropped (the full display is in my AZBlogX posting):

(#2) Add a foot/shoe fetish to the themes. (And note the wonderful porn name Jesse Zeppelin.)

The beginning of the ad copy from Falcon (unedited). The writer chose to go with the dependable jocks / socks / cocks rhyme right up front:

Ripe jocks, musky socks and throbbing cocks are all part of the supercharged sports fantasy, ‘Tales from the Locker Room’. In this bareback gym fuck fest directed by award-winner Chi Chi LaRue, there’s nothing like the distinctive scent and manly aroma of an all-male sports facility. Eight ripped athletes make up this stunning cast to play out every guy’s secret fantasy of being seduced by the coach or dribbling the balls of hot teammates. [The text — in my AZBlogX posting –then goes on to describe the encounters in four couplings between the men.]

There’s a smell theme here — musky socks and funky jocks. And of course the attractions of athletes and coaches as masculine exemplars.

Thematic overview. We have here a gay porn flick, which is by utilitarian convention episodic — divided into a series of scenes, each providing the viewer with material to fuel his erection and ejaculation. The scenes are held together through some shared element: all the scenes focus on the same sexual act (a gangbang, say, or watersports); they all take place in the same place (a specific hot tub, say, or a particular dirty movie theatre); they all involve characters sharing some trait (Israelis, say, or tattooed men, or sailors, or gigantic muscle-hunks); they all take place in the same high-masculinity milieu (fire stations, say, or locker rooms); they follow a specific central character or pair of central characters over some time period, perhaps with side digressions.

So here we have a locker room flick, set in the high-masculinity milieu of men’s sports, and, even more than that, a milieu where genital exposure is an intrinsic part of the scene — locker rooms sharing this with shower rooms, steam rooms (and saunas and hot tubs), and mensrooms, all of which can be repurposed as scenes of sexual activity.

On the milieu, three postings:

on 8/16/10 in “The triad: jockstrap, locker room, shower room” (on AZBlogX), with an overview

on 8/4/13 in “Gang showers” (on this blog):

Cultural context. Guys being naked together (especially in showers or locker rooms) sets up a potential context for men to cruise men — a potential that’s sometimes realized in life and is massively realized in gay visual materials.

… The number of gay porn flicks set in shower rooms and/or locker rooms is enormous.

(More discussion in “The triad…” (above) and, with a shower room fantasy of French rugby players, in “Keeping clean” on this blog.)

on 8/4/13 in “Gang paintings” (on AZBlogX)

X-rated images from painter Rick Chris, to go along with a posting on my regular blog [above] on gang showers. Five homoerotic images of naked hunks in showers, locker rooms, or other communal places

An auxiliary theme: smell (and taste). Background on this blog:

on 3/5/17 in “Body work, Part III: Axillary Delights”, on the apocrine sweat glands, producing characteristic body odors:

Mostly in the armpit, secondarily in the crotch — magnified some by the axillary and pubic hairs, which trap both the sweat and the resident bacteria.

Especially at home in jockstraps.

episodic vs. itinerary. Tales From the Locker Room is, like most gay porn, merely episodic; there is no overarching story line, merely one scene happening after another, the scenes held together by some (perhaps quite minimal) theme. Some gay porn flicks, however, are long-form itinerary tales, knit together like a journey, even an odyssey, a progression in time towards some end point.

On this blog, a notable gay itinerary tale is analyzed in considerable detail in my 1/24/17 posting “A day with Danny Vox in the ultimate fantasy t-room”, about Joe Gage’s Titan Media production Mens Room Bakersfield Station (2004) and its star, Danny Vox. Gage is a master of long-form porn, and this is a especially complex example of his work. More on Bakersfield Station below, but first some background about merely episodic vs. itinerary works.

Three well-known episodic tales: One Thousand and One Nights (the Arabian Nights stories, aka the Scheherazade tales); the Decameron (by Bocaccio); and the Canterbury Tales (by Chaucer). All have framing stories, providing some thematic unity, but the tales themselves do not make any kind of story (in the Canterbury Tales, the framing story is a journey, but the tales themselves are separate episodes pointing towards no end.

The Odyssey is, however, a set of episodes depicting adventures of a variety of types, unified as stations on the journey of Ulysses back from the war in Troy to his home in Ithaca; it’s an itinerary tale. From this work, English gets the

noun odyssey: a long and eventful or adventurous journey or experience: his odyssey from military man to politician. (NOAD)

The Bildungserzählung. The itinerary tale takes on a deeper meaning when the journey is seen as the development or education of a protagonist towards towards some desirable mental state — as a Bildungserzählung, a tale of development.

Compare the Bildungsroman, a novel depicting the moral and psychological growth of a protagonist), in English the novel of development.

About chapter 3 “The Novel of Development” in Novel Beginnings: Experiments in Eighteenth-Century English Fiction by Patricia Meyer Sparks (Yale Univ. Press, 2006):

This chapter focuses on novels of development. Henry Fielding’s Tom Jones is the perfect example to explain this type of novel. It has in it that vital and sexy appeal, following the career of a single human undergoing a process of growth. Such a process, however, implies certain formal consequences, as novels of development are shown to be more robust because of their leisurely pace. Most are written in third-person narrative in order to create opportunities for narratorial reflection, giving more attention to the momentous events in the character’s lives rather than their inner thoughts. Employing the use of a large cast of characters, these novels try to embody how social life operates and how it affects and influences particular individuals. In effect, novels of development mainly focus on character growth — which differs from simple change in the sense that it implies self-discovery rather than a radical alteration of one’s character.

This is in fact the form of the gay porn flick Bakersfield Station: a tale of development through self-discovery, set in a fantasy mensroom in the Bakersfield CA bus station. Excerpts from my 2017 posting:

A posting about a gay pornstar and his best video performance. About identities and personas; the negotiation of sex in public places; the structuring of gay porn flicks; with several linguistic notes.

… [Set in] a fictional world, the fantasy world of gay porn, which I’ve sometimes called Gayland — more recently, Pornlandia, because I like the play on words. Pornlandia embraces a number of sites, locales, or (speaking figuratively) neighborhoods, among which are t-rooms, public mens rooms devoted to man-on-man sex.

… Thirteen men pass through the action [in the Bakersfield t-room], a number in more than one encounter (DVMens [Danny Vox’s character in this flick] is a participant in, or at least visible in, every single encounter), and the flick allows for cautious sizing up, negotiation, and competition among the participants. … DV puts his hard cock on offer a number of times, sometimes in scenes in which a number of men are performing the same routine, everybody’s eyes on all the others: every man is a competitor, every man is a potential sexhole, every man is a potential cock you need to service. DVMens never gets a taker, but he ends up being pretty much everybody’s sexhole; the message of the script seems to be that this is DVMens true nature, his destiny, and that during his day in the fantasy t-room he slowly comes to recognize that and embrace it. A Pornlandia Bildungsroman. (In the end, he might even have found love.)

… porn characters are perfect sexual beings, free of the imperfections of real-life sex, living in the perfect sexual world of Pornlandia. And in Pornlandia you can get anything, even if it’s being fucked in mid-air by a winged man, even if it’s something that would totally disgust or frighten you in real life.

And in Alex’s Locker Room, you can get anything you want, including Alex.

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